Sunday, December 18, 2016

SOLVED. Laravel memcached issues. throttling stopped to work abruptly

After some use of Laravel's throttle feature (api/logins throttle) it started to return 'Too many attempts' when memcached cache is used (as well it is possible to have more issues, in case you depend on lifetime of cached data).
For me it happens after waking up PC from hibernation

short fix:
 - just restart memcached

possible explanation:
It seems like issue is related to the way how memcached uses expiration time of values and probably some bug in it. There are two modes possible - one, just number of seconds of how long memcached should keep value, second is Unix timestamp.

Laravel on other hand, uses latter approach (i.e. Unix timestamp), function toTimestamp() 

while it works great all the time, after some sort of time de-synchronization (by example after suspending/hibernating of PC) Laravel might send expiration time in the past (because php/memcached are caching current timestamp) and memcached might (unchecked) just decide to keep item forever and break any functionality which depends on auto-deletion of values (like throttling 'lockout' key )

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