Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Install GitLab Runner on openSUSE 42.1

It seems like openSUSE 42.1 isn't supported officially by GitLab Runner (or I didn't find a way)

But it is possible to use packages for other Linux distribution (RHEL 7 seems works)

so , next commands will install gitlab runner

>sudo zypper ar -t YUM https://packages.gitlab.com/runner/gitlab-ci-multi-runner/el/7/x86_64 runner_gitlab-ci-multi-runner
>sudo zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh runner_gitlab-ci-multi-runner
>sudo zypper install gitlab-ci-multi-runner

then you can run

>sudo gitlab-ci-multi-runner register

and proceed with configuration according to docs https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/install/linux-repository.html

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